Melius is a company highly specialized in risk assessment and security of commercial, institutional and industrial buildings such as:

  • Data centers

  • Factories

  • Hotels

  • Hospitals

  • Office towers

  • Residences for seniors

  • University residences


Our mission is to develop, integrate and support intelligent and custom built consoles through global management in terms of access, circulation, mobility, traceability, protection, asset security as well as assessment of risk factors for companies.

Our vision is to support the customer in the assessment of risk factors and to offer integrated access, security and traceability solutions by guaranteeing substantial savings in terms of capitalisation and operational costs.

Our multi-disciplinary team has over 25 years of experience in the security field. Our company specializes in serving commercial, institutional and industrial clients. Always on the lookout for the latest technology, we are flexible and imaginative, but above all, we are on the lookout for the expectations of our customers.


Our accreditations

  • Member of the C.A.N.A.S.A.

  • Member of the Board of the building of Québec (RBQ)

  • Member of the Committee on the Construction of Quebec (CCQ)

  • Authority of financial markets (AMF)

  • Member of the Corporation of master electricians of Quebec (CMEQ)
    (contractor license)

  • Permit from the Office of the Private Security (OPS)